So much has changed!

Holy cow!  It’s been SOOO long since I last posted!  A lot has changed since my last post a few months ago.  I have obviously finished the baby’s room since she’s now here!  I’ll share pics soon.

On May 27, my husband and I welcomed our sweet baby girl, Madeline Grace, into the world.  We were so fortunate to have an easy experience with the whole pregnancy and the birth and even more fortunate that our baby came out very healthy and happy.  She’s now 3 months old and our life has changed so much!  It’s still a little strange to be “mom” and “dad,” but we absolutely love it.  Maddie changes every day which always gives us something exciting to look forward to.  She now smiles all the time and loves sitting up (with a little support) and has really been in to looking at her hands and grabbing her feet lately.

Maddie recently started daycare and I recently started back to work which has been a little bit of an adjustment, but a welcomed one.  I really like routine and structure, so getting everyone back into the swing of things was necessary for me.  I’ve also started back to the gym which has been so nice since I hadn’t been good about exercising during the pregnancy.

As for blog posts, as you can see, I didn’t do so well with keeping up with that throughout the end of the pregnancy, but now that I’m back into a routine, I’m hoping I’ll find my way with this as well and will hopefully have more to share soon.

Thanks for sticking around and look forward to more coming soon! 🙂

Slight Hang-Up….

Yes, we ran in to a slight hang-up in the baby’s room, that has ironically enough left us with the inability to actually hang anything up in the room!  We had grand plans to redo the closet because honestly, it desperately needed to be completely overhauled.

The closet isn’t a fancy walk-in closet or anything like that, but it has more than enough room for baby clothes and other necessary items.  So what was so wrong with it?  Well, let’s start with the doors.  The doors on the closet seemed ok when we first moved in to the house almost five years ago, but over time, we realized it just wouldn’t work.  They are white paneled hollow-core doors that are hung on a track that have to slide to get something out of the closet.  The main issues with these though is that they were loud when they slid, the hung down really low on the track and didn’t fit correctly in the closet opening, and you couldn’t easily access anything in the middle of the closet.  So, we had a plan to replace the doors with bi-fold doors that would work better in the space.  That plan is on hold though due to our next issue – the closet shelves.

The shelves that were in the closet when we moved in are the same one’s we’ve had in there until a couple of weeks ago.  There were only two of them and one had a metal rod that was used to hang clothes attached to it.  That shelf was secured to the wall in the middle of the closet with a single bracket and rested on a piece of wood attached to the wall in the back/side of the closet.  The top shelf wasn’t secured in any way shape of form, it simply rested on pieces of wood that had been attached to the wall on either side of the closet.  Considering that top shelf was 10 feet long, it sagged in the middle if anything of significant weight rested on it.  So, we took down those shelves and bough a Rubbermaid Closet Shelving system to put up in it’s place.  We have the same closet system in our master bedroom closet and it works really well for us since we can easily move a shelf, add a rod for hangers, etc…

Unfortunately, the shelving system didn’t work out the way we hoped.  Our house was built in the 50’s and has plaster walls.  What I’ve discovered with our type of walls is that it’s hard to get a drill bit/screw/anchor into the wall because it’s such a hard surface, but once you get a hole drilled, the wall has a great potential to basically just disintegrate, leaving a huge gaping hole much larger than you need, rendering it completely useless.

So, what now?  After really racking our brains on how we can hang things in the closet without being able to attach anything to the walls, we finally figured out the perfect solution.  A wardrobe!  A freestanding closet basically that has attached doors that can be closed that we can slide into the closet to take up less space in the room.  This eliminates our need to even put doors on the closet itself and we don’t have to worry about trying to get something to attach to the walls and actually stay there!  After shopping around quite a bit, we landed on this wardrobe from IKEA.  I’m so happy with our decision and can’t wait to get it put together and filled with all the clothes we have for the little one!

Ikea Brimnes 3-door Wardrobe

          Ikea Brimnes 3-door Wardrobe

Baby Girl’s Room Progress

Lately I’ve been busy trying to get baby girl’s room ready for her arrival.  I feel like I’m making progress, but there’s so much left to do!  The past couple of weeks, the hubs and I have been moving furniture out of the room that used to be our guest room into the room I have been using as an office.  The double-duty office/guest room actually works well for me right now…long conference calls + nearing 3rd trimester = happy mama to have a bed to prop my feet up on.  But I digress… 🙂

Aside from moving furniture out of the way, we repainted the room in a really pretty greige color by Behr called Doeskin Gray.  Depending on the light in the room, it appears gray or beige, which means it’s perfect for coordinating with both the dark brown furniture that I have combined with the gray chair that I’m obsessed with and hoping to get fairly soon.

Behr Doeskin Gray - Perfect Greige to coordinate with any color palette.

Since the room isn’t very big and the furniture I have is fairly dark, is was important to keep everything else in the room much lighter so it doesn’t feel too dark and heavy.  I’ve picked out some white sheer curtain panels to pair with some adorable pink blackout curtains that will be hung on a gold curtain rod.  I also have two rugs picked out that I need to revisit in the store before I bring one home – one is a white shag-type rug and the other is a light gray rug with a white quatrefoil design.  I really like the white one, but I’m just not sure about the rug type as far as ease of keeping it clean, so it’ll definitely be a crunch time decision.  I haven’t picked out many other things for the room yet or even done any DIY projects (which I planned on doing TONS).  I’m trying to do a little at a time so I can see how things look and make some decisions at that point.  I know I definitely need some more gold accents in the room, as well as some more pink.  I’m completely obsessed with the pink and gold and I can’t wait to have the room done and ready for the little one.  And I must say, the hubs has been more than accommodating in letting me decorate however I want.  I’d like to think it’s because he trusts my home decoration abilities, but really I think it’s because he has NO IDEA what to put in a room for a baby girl! 🙂

Baby's Room

Here’s what I’ve got so far, or what I hope to have in the very near future.  The crib and bookcase/shelving unit are already in the room, the curtains and curtain rods are on their way here, and I’m hoping to get a rug, chair, and pouf sometime soon.  Over the next couple of days, the hubs will be putting in the new closet system and hanging new closet doors that will work better for the room than the ones we had.  I’ll also get the curtains hung and hopefully we can get a rug picked out this week so next weekend I can take inventory of what else is needed and get back to shopping or DIY-ing. 🙂  Pics of the real room will come once everything has been completely pulled together – at the rate I’m going that’ll likely be when the baby is close to celebrating her 3rd birthday! 😉  Hopefully I’m just kidding…I’m actually hoping to have it all completely finished by early April to give me a few weeks to relax before the little one arrives.  So check back in a few weeks to see how it all turns out! 🙂


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Sunday Style Faves

Sunday Style Faves - 2/7/16

Looking at my style faves that I have picked out for this week, I think I’m beginning to realize that I miss girly, pretty things! 🙂  It’s not that I don’t have any of them now, but as I’m growing bigger by the day, dressing up and pulling out those girly things gets less and less appealing.  Maybe it’s time for a date night so I can have a reason to pull out some of my favorite things and get dressed up!  🙂

  1. Odeme Hair Ties (12-Pack) • $12 • Nordstrom
  2. Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ Travel Size Eyeshadow Palette • $24 • Nordstrom
  3. Tasha Dainty Deco Hairpin • $14 • Nordstrom
  4. Kendra Scott ‘Haylee’ Stone Ring • $60 • Nordstrom
  5. BP. Round Face Watch, 35mm • $20 • Nordstrom
  6. Midnight Druzy Charm Pendant • $32 • BaubleBar
  7. Excelsior 360 Studs • $28 • BaubleBar
  8. Sole Society ‘Marlow’ Structured Faux Leather Dome Satchel • $59.95 • Nordstrom


So little time, so much to do!

So little time, so much to do!

Whew!  It’s been a crazy busy last couple of weeks.  I had to travel for work two weeks ago and was out of town for nearly the whole week.  I knew being 20+ weeks pregnant I’d probably be somewhat tired from my trip, but I didn’t expect to be completely wiped out!  With all of the airport walking, meetings, dressing in normal clothes, and socializing with people (hey, that’s a lot to someone who works from home! 😉 ), I was more swollen and tired than I ever thought possible.  I finally recovered from that, but have been so busy with work that I can’t seem to find the energy to get the things done that I really need to around the house.  Luckily, the hubs has stepped up and is taking a lot of projects off my plate, like getting the baby’s room ready.  The crib is now together and the room is almost painted.  Next is to replace the closet doors and put up a new closet shelving system, then it’ll be time for the fun part – decorating!!!  For now though, it’s nap time!  Gotta get some z’s in while I can! 😉